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Finished Projects: Baby Quilts

Pair of Baby Quilts

Part of the reason I have such a backlog on sewing/crafting projects is because I made the mistake of promising quilts to lots of people. I will never do this again. Not because people don't appreciate them or because I haven't enjoyed working on some of them, but because having a long to-do list makes me want to do anything except the things on the list. I'm contrary that way.

The two most recently completed (Jan 2014) quilts were baby quilts I promised to two women I work with. Both of them are due around the same time and they're friends, so I decided to give them very similar quilts. The pattern on them (a solid star against a patterned nine-patch background) is directly inspired by this quilt by V and Co. In the post with the quilt she links to her hopscotch pattern.

I forgot to take pictures of these until I was about to give them away, so please forgive the terrible lighting and odd backgrounds.

One of the moms was recently the recipient of a (belated) set of wedding quilts and I used the scraps from that to make her baby quilt. I liked the idea that it would match her and her husband's wedding quilts, so I resisted the urge to buy cute baby fabric.

For a boy...

The blue is leftover from the backing to her quilt and the off-white was actually the dominant fabric in both of their quilts. I didn't have enough of either solid to make three stars, but I like how they came out.

I hand quilted around each star and then tied the quilt using several different coordinating embroidery threads. I initially intended to machine quilt them, but I really liked the look of tying the center of each star.

The binding is pieced from the same fabrics that make up the quilt, which is something I love to do.

For a girl...

For the second baby quilt I went ahead and bought Briar Rose by Heather Ross. I picked up a layer cake, calculating that cutting it into 5" squares would result in just enough. (You can see the leftovers were pieced into the binding on the upper-left side of the quilt in the photo above.)

I picked the dark purple and brown fabrics based on what I thought would contrast with the background and the mom's color preferences. I like how it turned out, but wish I had arranged the stars more like the first quilt. I was trying to make them different, but I like how the more "random" layout looks.

Overall I'm quite pleased with how both came out and I think the moms (and dads) are too, so I can successfully cross this off my list.


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