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Documenting the Process

Planning To Piecing

These photos are from February 2012, so I'm not going to be able to accurately document everything I was thinking at the time - but I will give it a shot.

I was really into granny square style quilts. I don't remember who I saw doing it first, but I specifically remember seeing this tutorial on Blue Elephant Stitches. I couldn't devote the time to make a whole quilt, but I felt so inspired I decided to make a little table runner for the center of the dining room table.

I almost always sketch out blocks before I start cutting for a quilt. I have a hard time picturing how different fabrics or colors will look without putting something on paper. It doesn't have to be complete or exact, but I need some external visual. It also helps me figure out what I need to cut and if I'm going to re-size something.

I decided, after making my sketch, to be very scrappy. As you can see in the pieced top below, I used several different fabrics not only for each of the granny squares, but for the background as well. It really changed the overall look and I am less than thrilled with how the center granny square turned out. The purple and reds really ran into one another.

The blue writing you may be able to see on each of the blocks is my marking system for where each piece went. I like to mark my blocks using a grid-based system and then sew a whole bunch at once.

This particular (mini) quilt is still in this state. Yes, this means I haven't touched it for 2 years! I believe that I created a quilt back and cut batting, but I know it was never sandwiched. I've started catching up on my long to-do list of projects, so I would like to finish this one sometime soon. I think I will probably hand quilt it with some brightly colored embroidery floss just to add to its general sense of fun. Whatever I do, I'll make sure to document it here. No promises on how long that will take though.


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