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Blogger's Choice FQ Bundle!

Quokka Quilts is currently running a contest (sponsored by the wonderful Fat Quarter Shop) to win your own Blogger's Choice FQ Bundle (although really the winner will receive a half yard of each fabric, so I suppose it is a Blogger's Choice HY Bundle).

Since I love picking out fabric (almost more than any other part of quilting), I figured I would give it a whirl.

I've been playing lately with a lot of what I call "almost solid" prints lately, so I stuck to that in putting together this set of fabrics.

Below I've linked the FQS page for each of the fabrics in my bundle.
  1. Folk Heart Red Teardrop Floral
  2. Girls World Vibe Tangerine Carrie 
  3. Kaffe Fassett Collective Terra Cotta Aboriginal Dot
  4. Sophie Tomato Soup Petal
  5. Adventures with Alice Screamin' Yellow Blooms
  6. Bespoken Marigold Jacquard
  7. Impressions Yellow Delhi
  8. Aunt Grace's Garden Party Yellow Large Florals
  9. Chelsea Green Stripe
  10. Hyperreal Garden Fresh Illusion
  11. Aunt Grace's Garden Party Green Leaves
  12. Bohemian Soul Pearl Lace
  13. Nursery Basics Earth Solid
  14. Pure Organic Chocolate Solid
  15. Pure Organic Solid Navy
Go give it a try yourself!


Laura said...

Your thumbnail showed up and looked lovely so I clicked through, but the image link is broken. Did you download it from bighugelabs before you uploaded and linked?

Kerry McConnell said...

How embarrassing - I did not! Thank you for pointing that out. It should work now. :)

Teje said...

Hi! Your bundle is beautiful and I love your works! I'm happy you liked my "Summer in Finland" mini quilt. Wishes from Greece! x Teje

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