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Caught Up!

And... I'm all caught up! This post would be about November and it IS November.  Phew!

So, what am I doing in November for sewing? Not too much. I finally cut into my stash of Neptune fabric to make a quilt pattern that I've been saving for the right fabrics.

I've got a ton of fabric sitting around from a combination of sales on stuff I couldn't say no to, Goodwill buys, and a generous person sending me all the fabric they aren't using anymore.

I'm currently planning to use the Goodwill sheets for grocery totes as green holiday gifts using some combination of the tote patterns I've found online.

This is my favorite tutorial I think: Folding Grocery Bag Pattern.

I might even crochet up some of these great produce bags and do presents with a theme: Crocheted Produce Bag Pattern

I also would like to start another large traditional block quilt with some of the very traditional fabric I got in combination with some of my favorite modern fabrics. I like to mix the two for an only slightly modern look. I'm thinking of a quilt using this picture for inspiration:

It's used as a tablecloth here, but I think it would make a beautiful quilt!
But I haven't selected colors yet or made a test block. I'm waffling on whether to keep the white as the dominant background color and whether to use diamonds or to convert the whole thing to half square triangles (which would be easier I think and look very similar in the end).


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