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Catching Up - September 2011

There were no bee blocks for September, thank goodness.  It was another break month.

Every waking moment that I was not at work in September was spent sewing.  I planned for 5 quilts, 5 wall hangings, 5 sets of four placemats, 10 pot holders, and an assortment of mug rugs and coasters.  This was overly ambitious.  I got everything except for the mug rugs and coasters finished (and I did all the tops and sandwiching for those, but couldn't get to the binding).

I learned a huge amount about myself and sewing during this month.  For example, I really can get by on 5 hours of sleep a night so long as I consume caffeine like it's water and any sewing project can and will take 3 times longer than you plan for or anticipate no matter how pessimistic you think your planning is.  I also think that my quilting got better by leaps and bounds as I pushed on.

Without a lot more babbling - maybe I'll talk about my inspiration, planning, and shrinking fabric stash in some later posts - here are the results of my month.

Five Quilts:

Five Wall Hangings/Lap Quilts:

Please ignore my dirty foot, which seems to have snuck in.

4 Sets of Placemats (I finished the fifth while I was sitting in the booth, so they're really for October):

10 Potholders (this post is already picture-heavy, so as a group):

Next post - Art in the Park and October bee blocks!  (Kinda.  They're really a November thing, since I did them last weekend, but I'll pretend.)


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