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Catching Up - May 2011

May was my month in the bee!  I was pretty stressed in May - work issues - but I was very excited to do my month.  I waffled several times during the bee on what I wanted to do for my month.  I knew I wanted to do something that had an element of creativity, but I also (as a nod to my mild OCD) wanted the block to be relatively uniform.  I love sampler quilts when I see them, but making one myself would drive me nuts.

At one point I thought I would use the precious little stack of Neptune charm squares my mother bought me for Christmas, but I couldn't bear to part with them.  (I also still wasn't sure what to do with them or if I wanted to cut them up at all.)  So instead I decided to cut up my larger Nest charm squares.

I had been looking around flickr for quite some time, trying to decide on the best block for the group.  I'm personally drawn to very geometric and traditional blocks, but I didn't want to specify both the fabric to be used and the exact pattern of the blocks.  I thought about just asking for nine or sixteen patch blocks, but ultimately I felt the fabrics were too busy to have sitting one next to the other.  So instead I decided to ask for blocks made using an improvisational method I saw on Oh, Fransson!.  (Yes, I do love her blog.)

Described in her pattern for Mod Mosaic Pillows, the pattern consists of squares (or wonky rectangles) of patterned fabric, spaced out with solid strips.  It looks, as the name suggests, very much like a mosaic made with tiles.

I put together a couple test blocks to see how much fabric I used and then made up a whole bunch of kits for the group.

Things outside of sewing really started to ramp up in May, including the application process for Art in the Park - which I had vowed in 2010 to do no matter what in 2011 - so the rest of the month was spent figuring out exactly what had to be done for my application to be ready in June.


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