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Catching Up - March 2011

I left off in March, so that is where I will start.  I finished the bee blocks for March and I really enjoyed working with the bright colors and white together.  

I'm not normally a fan of the white background in quilts - it just isn't my aesthetic - but the bee has started to change my mind.  When used right the blank space the white creates can be a really interesting piece of the design.

I started working on these by separating the prints into two distinct color palettes.  On one hand a sort of turquoise and red group (with a healthy does of grey and black thrown in) and a yellow and green group.  

For the turquoise and red I decided to make a very traditional 16-patch block.

I think my favorite part of this block is the block on the lower left because its predominantly the print in contrast to most of the others.  I like little unexpected or slightly off pieces in a design.

For the green and yellow I decided to do a sort of log-cabin type block with the prints on the edges of the rectangles.

I really like this block, much better than the turquoise and red one actually.  I would love, at some point, to make a quilt using all blocks made this way.  I think it would make for a really interesting composition to have different size triangles almost floating in a solid background.  Also, it seemed to be one of those blocks that looks more complicated than it actually is.

I didn't work on any other sewing projects in March.  It is always a busy month for me for whatever reason and its capped off by my birthday at the very end.  I did a lot more sewing in April, so the next post will probably be very long.


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