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Catching Up - June/July 2011

I didn't get the fabric for the June bee blocks, which was entirely my own fault, and July was - thankfully - a gap month.

June and July blended into one long and stressful month for me.  I changed jobs abruptly, my car died and I had to buy a new one, I traveled home to see family, and my boyfriend had some upheavals of his own (which are really not mine to share.)  For a stretch of at least a week, neither of us was home, and all of our mail was returned to the senders.  Why didn't you arrange to have it held at the post office, you ask?  Because I didn't think of it.  All of our mail included bills, the new lease for our house, and the terms of the brand new car loan.  It was a mess to straighten out while also trying to get used to a new car and a new job.

During all of this I did manage to apply for Art in the Park, but only because I'd done most of the work in May.  I was accepted, which was a mixed blessing.  The below are the pictures I sent in as part of my application.  Most of them probably look very familiar.


Rafael's Mum said...

great finishes, and... yep... still in love with the green quilt! Love how the turquoise sparkles like jewels!

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