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Catching Up - August 2011

I did the bee blocks for August insanely late, but I'll include them here for clarity.  They were actually a lot of fun and I loved the fabric.  We were to do an Art Deco block, which was paper pieced.  It actually ended up going better than I feared.

See!  How pretty are those fabrics?

I spent a lot of time in August planning for Art in the Park.  I made a giant spreadsheet of what I intended to make, what I had for inventory, how long I thought things would take, how much fabric would be needed, and what I should charge.  Along with making everything, I had to take care of a number of other little tasks like getting business cards, tags, tables, receipts, the ability to process credit cards, bags, and a tent.

Art in the Park, which I'll make a separate post about (It'll go in October, since it was the very first weekend of that month), was a great experience and I am very proud of myself for knuckling down and doing it - but right now I don't think I would do it again.

September up next!  A busy, busy month - so there will be a lot of pictures.

Getting close to catching up to the present, how exciting!


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