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Catching Up - April 2011

April's bee blocks were a challenge for me.  The idea - which was awesome - was to make blocks that had books on them, so the whole quilt could be a bookshelf.  The piecing wasn't too difficult because I was boring and just made little rectangles stacked on one another for the book pines, but the titles were to be embroidered onto the books.

I am terrible at embroidery.  I don't dislike it and I did a couple of the books, but I'm just terrible at it.  I'm terrible at it for the same reason I am not good at sketching things that don't consist of right angles and exact lengths - I have no innate sense of space.  I can't sit and draw something that hasn't been planned out ahead of time and sometimes even when I've planned it all out, it sill goes wrong.

Oh well, life isn't really worth it without challenging yourself.  So I did a couple of the book titles and then sent it back with apologies.  As much as I liked looking at pictures of bookshelf quilts on flickr, I don't think I'll ever make one myself.  (Unless I can talk someone else into doing the embroidery.)

Disappointingly, I've searched through both my digital camera and my cell phone and I don't have any pictures of the April block.  I would have sworn I had taken some, but if I did they're gone now.  (And I did have a problem with a memory cad corrupting files for a while, so even though I thought I hadn't lost anything, they may have been casualties.)

I also worked on a couple other small projects in April.  I had decided (in March) that I would stop flitting from project to project as new ideas struck me and start working on finishing the huge pile of WIPs in my sewing room.

 I started and finished the green triangle quilt.  (I know what you're saying - I don't see any triangles! - and no, you don't because I scrapped them altogether.  I didn't try to make triangle pieces again until September.)  I actually loved the finished quilt.  I like both the design and all the great green prints that got included.  This quilt is now a wedding present for a friend of a friend.  She admired it quite a bit, so when I found out she had recently gotten engaged I figured it was fate for her to have it.  Green is a lucky color right?

I don't think I've posted about it here, but when Oh, Fransson! did a Sew, Mama, Sew! post about piecing tiny squares, I was intrigued and inspired.  I started work on a wall-hanging using the method, but got tired of all the tiny squares and abandoned it.  Then I picked it back up again in April and finished the top.

I also took out and finished the top of another small wall-hanging I'd buried.  The pieces were all sewn, but I hadn't ever just put it together.  It's loud, but I love it.

Please excuse how dark it is, I do most of my sewing at night after work, which makes it hard to get good light.  I almost never get to sew during the daylight hours!

And last, but not least, I tried my hand at some paper piecing.  This project got abandoned quickly when I realized how much I hated having to be so very careful with all the edges.  The one square I finished was promptly put in the "I'm ignoring this project" drawer and didn't come back out for several months.

And that was it for the month (as far as I and my digital camera remember anyway).  May was my month for the bee, so that will take up the next post!


Rafael's Mum said...

Love your star and that green quilt is just amazing !! Love it !!!

Kerry said...

Thank you!

I loved the star too, but I just don't have the patience for the piecing. I have thought about doing it again, but at twice the size, so the pieces aren't so difficult to handle.

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