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What Have I Been Doing?

I actually haven't really worked on the green triangle quilt since I last posted.  I tried sewing two of the long rows together and it didn't line up at all.  The seams are rather bulky, which makes it tough to have the tips of the triangle line up from row to row.  I ripped out the bad seam, but I haven't tried again.  I'm stuck trying to figure out if I need to re-press some of the seams in a different way, trim the rows, trim the seams, try again with more pinning, or give up.  And if I give up, do I just put it away as is or take it apart and make something else?  I intended to work on it for Project Modern: Challenge 2, but I don't think I'll get it done even if I do forge ahead with it as is.

In the meantime, I got sidetracked by a project I'd been meaning to try for a while now.  I was introduced to the concept of quilting as you go by a post on Red Pepper Quilts that directed me to Sew Take A Hike.  I happened to have a bunch of scraps of fabric and squares of batting laying around from a failed attempt at quilted coasters, so I launched in.

I quite like how it is coming together!  I think its going to be a pillow, since I'm almost out of scraps.  They go faster than I thought they would...


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