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Sunday Inspiration... Wednesday?!

I was lazy this weekend. This LONG weekend. I'm going to seek refuge
in my favorite excuse for laziness; I deserved a break! Work, which I try
not mention in this space, was especially busy and stressful the last few weeks
and being able to take a real full three day weekend was a luxury that I
absolutely reveled in.
I haven't exactly been rigorous in sticking to my blogging guidelines (which are more like suggestions than rules), but I am sorry I didn't do my Sunday inspiration post. I really like looking at things that inspire me and I feel like constantly doing that is what drives me to create. So, as my twitter mentioned - I am drawn to cacti and I would like to create a quilt inspired by them. I have no interest in using quilting as a medium to do what photography can do - although I respect those who do - I want to capture the essence of cacti as cliched as that is to say.

So without any further blathering on my part, enjoy my cacti. (I call them mine because I saw them on a walk yesterday afternoon.)

I am scared and intimidated by curved piecing, although I soak in tutorials from magazines and blogs on the subject like a sponge, but I could absolutely see a random-seeming, circle pieced blog inspired by this cactus. Something with green and purple and a few bright spots of yellow.

I like the idea of doing something straight and triangle-inspired to represent the sharp and dangerous nature of most of the cacti I've seen. I can see all different sizes and shades of green triangles pieced together against a different more neutral background.

I don't know that this inspires anything in particular, but I loved it looking up at it.

This little barrel cactus personifies the feeling I want to capture. I love the slight curve to the ridges and the stars of the flung open spines climbing along them. I love the little clusters of yellow crowning the top. I haven't yet, but I'm going to figure out how to make this feeling I have in my mind into a quilt.

I spent last night working on piecing the back to my Mediterranean quilt. I've uploaded pictures of my indescipherable scribbled planning as well as the finished pieced panel for the middle of the back to my flickr. I joined the flickr group for the Process Pledge, but I'm not brave enough to post anything to it yet!
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