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Crawling Back

My boyfriend's mother makes the most beautiful- and to me at least - amazing baskets.  Every year in the fall she sells some of those baskets at an affair called Art in the Park near where she lives.  I've never been, but I've been hearing about it now for a couple years.  Earlier this year I decided I would set getting into Art in the Park as a motivating goal for myself with my sewing.  I had to officially register for a sales tax ID with the state, figure out my "business" status, register my DBA (doing business as) name, and most importantly finish projects I was proud enough of to send pictures of to a bunch of strangers to judge.

I don't believe I'll get into Art in the Park and I procrastinated enough so that I'm not even sure I will have my application in on time - but I accomplished a lot more than I would have without the external stimulus of a looming deadline I had committed to.  I'm going to end this post with two things - one, the pictures I am sending with my application; and two, a confession that I am a little sewn out.  I've designed a little tag for myself for my quilts that don't go to friends and family as well as getting business cards and I'll have to talk about that process in a later post because right now I still just want to do crosswords and cook.

Phew, you have no idea how long it took me to agonize over those and figure out how to print them on photo paper so they didn't look absolutely terrible.


Julie Rutter said...

I love the first two quilts in particular.
Enjoy your time off, I get over-sewn too and need a break and always feel better if I manage to get some other things done for a while. Juliex

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