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Weekend Reading

I inherited an intense love of reading from my parents.  For a short period we thought my brother was the exception to the family love, but even he eventually gave in to the inevitable.  As a child, I always participated in our town's summer reading program.  I didn't have to be bribed, I genuinely couldn't wait to go to the library every weekend and pick out a new pile of books.  I still hold that love of library trips, but I'm grateful for the technological advances that my library has adopted which make my trips shorter and easier.  I adore being able to look up books online, then put them on hold, and have them delivered to the branch right near my apartment! Then I can breeze in on the weekend, pick up my books, quickly peruse the shelves and then make off with my haul.

Last weekend I picked up 5 books on my pilgrimage.  I was in a phase for a while where I only wanted to read fiction, but lately the pendulum has begun to swing the other way.  I picked up Elements of Japanese Design, Lotta Prints, Vintage French Interiors, i <3 patchwork, and Christian Dior.  If you can't tell, I'm looking for inspiration!

I'm no fashionista or art history buff, but I love Dior.  The New Look is one of my favorite silhouettes.  I covet the intense detailing and rich fabrics - the time and the talent that went into producing these garments boggles my mind.  The pictures alone in this book are amazing, but the commentary from the Metropolitan Museum of Art stands against it.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes the New Look or Dior or fashion history.

I also really enjoyed the Vintage French Interiors book, but it made me long for the south of France so bad I found myself pricing tickets!  They're much too expensive for me to justify it, but I know I'll be going back someday.  There is just something about the whole Provence aesthetic that I can't get enough of.  One of the things I loved about New Orleans was looking into the windows of all the fabulous French antique stores.

I'll be returning all of these books tomorrow and for a change I haven't got anything new reserved, so it will be a complete surprise what I bring home for the week.


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