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Is there anything better than freshly pressed little rectangles of fabric piled together in pairs for sewing?  I don't think so.  I enjoy the warmth, the hissing sounds of the steam (yes, I use steam!), and the neatly lined up pile of pieces.

I cut out my Chocolate Lollipop pieces from last night and ironed them all crisp.  Then I laid them out and paired them up.  I have to head out super early for work tomorrow (travelling), but I have high hopes for tomorrow afternoon after I'm home.

I need to decide what to do for the backs of my two latest quilt tops.  It took me forever to get motivated to sew together the rows and columns (lining up all those seams...) and I don't want to lose my minimal momentum now that I've gotten them complete!

Forgive the dark and oddly oriented picture, they're hanging off the balcony so they don't get all folded and wrinkly while I make up my mind.  I think for the quilt top on the left I might have some cute turquoise patterned fabric, but for the one on the right I'm at a loss.  I don't want to have to buy new fabric because I have so much, but I don't think I have anything that will work.  I'll sleep on it, though, and maybe I'll come up with a solution.

I do have some solid light green fabric, but I don't think it matches the green in the front and I'm not crazy about the bright yellow with the celery green.  Really I think I would like something brown, but I don't currently have any.


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