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Tonight - instead of working on the quilt I have laid out on the floor - I put together a bunch of scrappy blocks to be made into coasters and trivets.  They're super cute and I'll have to upload some pictures later.  I arranged my scraps by color so the resulting blocks would be monochromatic.  I was pretty liberal with how I matched up the colors, though, so they have little flashes here and there of different colors in the prints.  I started out squaring up all my scraps, but I eventually gave up and the blocks ended up being a little wonky.  They're not too bad really - I mostly sewed them in strips and when I squared them up I used the seams as a guide.

I finished the yellow, red/pink, and blue ones.  I still have the green and purple to go.  I didn't have enough orange, black, or brown to make any blocks - so those are the only colored scraps left.

Tomorrow I'm going to have to find some of those little metal rings to put in the corners after I sandwich and quilt them.  I think I'm going to quilt them with little loop-de-loops.  It will be challenging, but I just love how that looks.  I can't remember where - I'll have to link it later - but I keep seeing an example of that somewhere.

The big quilt top has almost come together.  When I'm done I will need to figure out what I'm doing on the back.  I think I have a good candidate for the binding, but nothing that will work for the backing.  I might have some extra blocks that I can use for the middle, but not even close to enough to do the entire thing.


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Hi Kerry,

Thank you for your interest in the Fresh and Funky bee, please can you go to the groups page and join up - once you have joined can you tell us a bit about yourself on the getting to know you thread.

Thanks Maria

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