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Mother's Day

In my second attempt at, but first completed go at strip quilting I made a baby quilt for some friends and their first baby.  They mentioned that the theme for her bedroom was going to be Winnie the Pooh, so I ran out and got both some Winnie the Pooh fabric and some Mother Goose toile fabrics.

I turned them into a windmill type pattern with some peach and yellow fabrics.  I hadn't yet read my Quilting and Color Made Easy which talks about how overpowering yellow is to other colors.  I like the balance of color in the quilt or I wouldn't have put it together this way, but I didn't expect the yellow to be quite so bright when I was picking out the fabrics in the shop.

I backed the quilt with a fun flannel I found in the children's fabrics section at JoAnn's.  I know I probably shouldn't shop at JoAnns - and they often don't have what I want or need - but its very close to me, open long hours, and no one bothers me while I'm agonizing over what to buy.  I love some of the quilt shops here in the valley (although no one seems to have the Japanese imports like Kokka or Lecien), but they're all staffed by wonderfully friendly people who want to help me when I'm not sure what I want.  I appreciate that - I do! - but sometimes I'm so caught up in my vision and how to best make it a reality, that I don't have the space in my head to make coherent conversation with strangers.

Ever since I finished this baby quilt, I haven't really done any sewing.  I've been trimming squares for my next strip quilt made from my first official Moda jelly roll.  Its Frolic by Sandy Gervais, which I absolutely love.  I need to go pick up some of the solids from the collection - they have this lush brushed look to them which I think would make an interesting contrast to more flat Kona solids.


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