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Having a Plan

I'm a planner.  I make lists, schedules and itineraries - and I like to stick to them.  I'm not particularly spontaneous when it comes to most things.  I can pick out fabrics at random, just grabbing what I want - but I can't just cut into them and start sewing.  Even my scrappy projects have to be planned out ahead of time.  I sort them into piles and lay them out - swapping one for the other until I get just what I want.  I really admire people who can just work from instinct and urge to get something amazing.

I, however, have to diagram and ponder and look at possibilities.  Several years ago, for graduate school, I started carrying around Moleskine notebooks.  I prefer the ones with blank or gridded pages so I can draw and diagram on them freely.

I've started to acquire a whole pile of fat quarters lately.  I haven't done anything with them even though I was very excited about using them when I bought them.

I picked up this set of fat quarters (mostly Chocolate Lollipop from Anna Maria Horner) at the quilt store with the intention of using them in some sort of coin stack type patterned quilt.  I didn't pick up a neutral Kona solid at the same time, but I had some light tan Kona solid cotton sitting around at home.

Tonight I sat down and finally diagrammed the whole thing out.  I decided that I wanted to make a smaller quilt (40 in x 60 in) with several (I started with 4, but thats another story) stacks of blocks spaced out across the front of the quilt.  As it turns out, I have a lot more fabric than I thought and I decided to cut as many blocks as possible.  I wanted to have the blocks be different lengths for a little bit of visual interest.  I settled on 3 in and 7 in length blocks after looking at some scraps I had.

So now I have a pile of 3.5 in (with seam allowance) and 7.5 in by 4.5 in blocks and a little bit of a plan, although I only needed 4 blocks of each size from each fabric and I had enough fabric for 8 of each.


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