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I finished trimming the seemingly unending piles of blocks!  So, of course, I started auditioning configurations for the final quilt.  I started out with a largely random configuration - grabbing blocks as the mood struck me.  I was happy with it, but not thrilled.

Normally I would simply swap around colors until I found a better "balance", but I decided to rebel and force it to be unbalanced.  I ordered the blocks into rows by color so that the overall effect goes from red to yellow to green to blue.

I like this rainbow effect.  So bright and cheery - perfect for summer.

I've been thinking about the additional fabric I bought to continue my adventures in dyeing, but I didn't feel brave enough to start it dyeing tonight.  Its been washed and dried and is all ready o go, but I think I'd like to plan a little more before I pull the trigger.  Its my downfall in almost every project I take on - I enjoy the planning phase so much and I draw it out so long that I make my chances of completing a project close to zero.  Its why I make so many projects into gifts, because then I can find external motivation to complete them!  I just hate slogging through the details once the planning and puzzling has been completed!


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