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I'd say it makes the heart grow fonder, but the longer I didn't update here the less motivated I felt to write any more.  I'd say I got busy, but the truth is that I stopped making time.  I was disappointed in the quality of my photos and I wanted to start taking photos in natural light.  Unfortunately, because of my work schedule the presence of natural light and myself only coincide for a small window of one hour in the morning and about that long in the afternoon.  If I spent time taking pictures in the morning or right after I came home, I didn't then have the time to write in here.  I would like to say that when I write in here, it just flows - but anyone who has ever written knows that isn't truly the case.

Anyway, I've got some natural light photos and I will probably try to stick to that on the weekends.  I'm not going to wait for that set of circumstances anymore, however.  I'm going to take my photos when I'm ready to and just live with the consequences.

Last week I took Malka of A Stitch in Dye's book, Color Your Cloth out of my local library.  I've always loved the library and living in Phoenix has been no exception.  I'm lucky to have a location near where I work and another close to where I live!  I miss living close enough to walk like I did in Pittsburgh, but I'm not sure how often I would end up walking in this climate.  I took Malka's boook out of the library after "discovering" her blog.  I heard about her by way of the Sew Mama, Sew! Quilting Month which just ended and I was so inspired by the bright saturated colors and clean geometric patterns that I had to read her book.  I took it home from the library with the same attitude I have towards the several Kaffe Fassett books I've collected - beautiful and inspiring eye candy, but nothing I could realistically aspire to.  The truth was, though, that the more I looked at the diagrams and directions the more I felt like it was something I could attempt.

I wouldn't call my efforts a masterpiece, but there is something so incredibly thrilling about creating your own patterns and fabrics!  I've already bought more Egyptian cotton fabric and soda ash (it disappears so fast!) and some RIT Color Remover to experiment further.

My favorites actually are the two on which I dyed twice - although I do like the others.  They're all fat quarters, since I made a half yard of each and sent half of each (fat quarters) to my Grandmother for Mother's Day.  I hope she enjoys them.

Isn't that violet intense?  I love it.


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