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Inevitably I have multiple projects going at once.  I can't seem to stop coming up with new ideas and being inspired by things when I have a project going.  Its great to feel like I always have new ideas, but it wreaks havoc with my ability to finish things in a timely fashion.

Right now I'm working on some (an exaggeration because I've only finished two) wonky log cabin blocks.  You can see them both below.

I started with the brightly saturated fabrics with the gold detailing and then I picked up the light grey Kona cotton to frame them.  I started laying them out, but it was just too much of a contrast so I went to my local quilting fabric store for something to help ease that transition from the very bright to the plain.  I usually buy my fabrics from JoAnns, which is probably not the best - but its inexpensive and they have good hours.  They just don't have the quality and selection I've started  to want and need for my projects.  I just wish the quilt store was open more in the evenings.  Anyway, I found the perfect fabric with gray and copper/gold mottling to stand as my buffer between the brights and my grey.  I really love working with the Kona cotton because it is so crisp and it has a good weight to it.  I don't think I realized how much frustration can be caused by the weight of the fabric and the tightness of the weave.

I haven't figured out yet where I'm going with these wonky blocks, but I really enjoy making them with all the trimming and slanting and going round and round.


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