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Hello, my name is Kerry and I love quilting. I don't think there is anything I like better than bright new fabric scraps or freshly pressed seams. I've started and stopped this blog about 8 times, but this time I plan to stick to it! I'm going to put something in here everyday, even if its just posting a picture of some fabric. (It will take me a while to run out of that since I'm always picking up more and I'm behind on projects.)

I'm currently working on about 8000 projects. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. I have the tops to two wall hangings finished, one baby quilt top, a full sized quilt top about 75% finished, and I'm starting on a set of place mats. I was working on tops to things because I usually enjoy designing, cutting, and piecing more than sandwiching, quilting, and binding. Lately, though, I've been looking at more quilting blogs - especially Red Pepper Quilts - and I'm getting excited about the quilting piece! I just have a lot to do before I have the room in the sewing room to spread stuff out and sandwich.

Thats enough for tonight or I won't have anything to talk about tomorrow!


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