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Documenting the Process

Hand Quilting Mini Quilts

Old Mother's Day gifts.

(Sorry for the poor lighting.)

I wish I had better pictures of these because they came out really nicely. Both were paper pieced and hand quilted. They work as hot pads, but they're both on display instead of in regular use.


WIP Basket Wednesday

Tula Pink Neptune Quilt

Spot the mistake!

Current Status:

Top and back completed, but not sandwiched or quilted.


Documenting the Process

Cutting Templates and Fabrics

In March of 2012, one of my co-workers got married. I promised her a wedding quilt. I knew it wouldn't be done for her wedding, but I thought to have it done a month or two afterwards. I was wrong.

I decided on a double wedding ring quilt and purchased fabrics. I printed and cut out templates. I was full of optimism and excitement!

Please ignore my Starbucks cup...

I got much further than this, but ultimately I had to put this quilt away and start a new one. I am not exaggerating when I say this quilt almost destroyed my love of quilting altogether.

It is hard to put a project away, to admit that you've failed, but sometimes it is the best choice.